IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION IN CORN - Go Green Go Fit - More Greener More Healthier




First, let us know what nutrition is or what is called nutrition: - All plant animals are living and living is active; they can do many types of tasks continuously to do these tasks. Energy is needed and without water, we cannot do any work. All the living energy is obtained from food. Food is a kind of pain. It is also an essential food substance of different types who say nutrition is helpful to generate Hanurga are recovering our Glory chemical process substances.


Which falls under the category of coarse grains, is easily available in the village or the fields and in the cities, we have to buy it. We have to use it for purchase. It is also eaten in the shape of corn. People like it. Where Corn is found and what soil is found in it: It is successfully grown from most of the plains of India to 27 m high mountain areas, it can be grown in all types of soils and the same loam soil is cultivated in Corn. For it is better understood that Corn can be taken as a crop, is a very good source of carbohydrates or is a multi-yogi crop like a human. Along with the major component of the diet of animals.


Let us know what form of Corn is made when seeing the form of Adi, boiling Madhu Maca and taking complex popcorn as Adi At the same time, Corn is also being used for dial biofuel, about 65% Corn is used as a useful animal feed, as well as feeding the remaining bitter animals after fodder as bait. Industrially, protein fat is more than what u get for chocolate Coca-Cola or is very beneficial for a baby or it is beneficial for everyone.


  1. A nutritious diet, which fulfils all the needs that occur in our body or prevents diseases in our body and give us the ability to fight against those diseases by which our body can fight those diseases.
  2. Sometimes our body gets excessively set, due to its use, it reduces the fat in the body, with its help, and you reduce the fat of your body and helps you to tie the body as you want.
  3. An antioxidant is found which prevents dangerous diseases like cancer prevents free radical damage from our body, which keeps our body healthy and protects from germs.
  4. Corn contains Peruvian Levis acid, which protects our body from breast cancer and liver cancer and gives the ability to fight cancer.
  5. Vitamin C Bio Parole Naik helps in reducing cholesterol in a significant amount of fibre.
  6. Corn helps our body to strengthen bones. Iron magnesium zinc phosphorus present in it helps in strengthening bones and prevents dangerous diseases like substandard.
  7. Corn contains Vitamin A which protects our body is very beneficial for our eyes which helps us more in increasing the light of the eyes and keeps the eyes healthy, there is no harm in the eyes. Our eyes are very healthy by consumption.
  8. By eating food, the skin of our body improves, protecting it from Vitamin A and Vitamin C free radicals present in it.
  9. Many carbohydrates are found in Corn and its intake produces energy in the body and fills the stomach quickly.
  10.  Iron is found in high quantity in Corn, is rich in iron, and helps us in anaemia form.
  11. Mecca helps us in getting relief from the stomach and helps us in getting relief from other people in the stomach.


  1. By using bread, your hair becomes strong and very beautiful, it prevents hair from growing and removes the problems of paused fungus in the hair, then the shine of the people remains intact and the use of corn keeps the hair healthy.
  2. Reduces hot cholesterol more than consumed.
  3. BP is reduced due to its consumption and decreases in the chances of a heart attack.
  4. Regular consumption of Cornflour causes large cholesterol in the body and increases the level of good cholesterol, which keeps our heart healthy.
  5. If there is a lack of blood in our the body then we should consume Corn flour which would fulfil the deficiency of blood in our body and protect our body from anaemia disease because anaemia is caused by blood deficiency Which is very dangerous for our body, by consuming Corn the deficiency of blood is complete and we are saved from anaemia disease.
  6. Vitamin C deficiency helps us from diseases: Vitamin C deficiency prevents the deficiencies that occur in our body from deficiency diseases due to lack of vitamin C. Saves the body.
  7. It is very beneficial for digestion, it is found to be both soluble and soluble fibre, which helps a lot in keeping our body healthy.
  8. Consuming Corn flour gives many benefits to TV patients. Corn flour is very helpful in curing TV patients, so patients should consume Corn flour for quick recovery. It is very beneficial for them; it is also very helpful in healing them.
  9. Boiling Corn and adding sugar to its water and take, it reduces the burning sensation of urine and is very beneficial for the kidneys.
  10. Corn flour also increases the immunity of the body...


You all know how important Corn or Corn flour is for us to complete nutrition in our bodies. If your body is lacking in nutrition then please use Cornflour to use its maximum benefits. It is very beneficial for Corn. Our body protects us from diseases by taking care of our eyes. It takes care of our heart, keeps diseases away from the stomach, and helps for the colour and beauty of our body. It also helps to strengthen and improve our hair. It also helps in our bones. To make the body healthy, Corn young Corn flour he fully helps us, so eat flour in small amounts and make your life successful. Antlers are not afraid of consuming Cornflour. Some people think that it is harmful to their body for health. There is no such thing at all. Corn flour is very nutritious which is very beneficial for our body. No harm. Instead, our whole body can remain healthy, so by using it, you will not suffer any harm.